Barcelona has become a'huge urban art gallery. The city you will see is totally different: the industrial Barcelona, the greatest painted walls with graffiti, stencils and urban-art in every corner.

You will have in front of you a contemporary art gallery and an open sky above you. In these streets you will observe the main murals and the most representative works of the road culture.

The Barcelona Street-art is a really good walk to do in the city. There are several streets and alleys of the various districts full of graffiti and paints.

An alternative can be to rent a bike and  ride along the street art and graffiti areas in Barcelona, enjoying a truly authentic part of Barcelona.

There are also some organized tour if you prefer to visit this part of the city with a guide.... an example is barcelonastreetstyletour!

The neighborhood I'm speaking about is the industrial Poblenou that has begun a steady transformation from area full of disused factories to one of hi-tech office blocks, stylish hotels and modern apartments!

The area is considered a creativity hub in Barcelona. One of the most famous place of this part of Barcelona is : L’Escocesa creation center  but if you look all around you will find a myriad of small galleries and studios.

If you are interested in this art, once a year, during March, there is the the Poblenou Open Day. During the event several workshops of different artists are open to the public, concentrating allowing visitors to explore music, conferences, interaction and street food.

It is really nice to walk up and down the Rambla del Poblenou that is the heart of the social life of the neighborhood. You can eat, drink or just chilling a bit sitting in a bar drinking a cerveza. If you want to try some good tapas, try delicious tapas at El 58, stop for a pint of local beer at Cervecita nuestra de cada día.  

This is in the Gotic Barrio but I loved it!

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