Montezuma is on the southern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. This Peninsula is very remote and  Montezuma is one of the most difficult place to reach but it is never overly crowded. The people who arrive here are a mixture of backpackers and young families, looking for a quite getaway.

Back in the past

Montezuma was originally a small fishing village and it was “discovered” by some adventurous travelers back in the 1960’s and 70’s and has been a hippie center ever since. Home to many conservationists, musicians, artists, naturalists, and 'hippies', Montezuma is a mellow and tranquil beach town that has maintained the essence of simple life.

In November, Montezuma hosts an annual film festival.


Montezuma is composed of quiet beaches, wild forest, and lots of monkeys, butterflies, and birds. One of the things that makes it unique is it’s the feeling of peace you have in this magic place. It is a vibrant community, made up of expats and locals.

The landscape is amazing and here you can find a unique open-air comfort and culture. At night, the town's generally relaxed-vibe transitions to a more upbeat fiesta, once locals and visitors have had time to reborn after a full day in the sun.

You can also find notable restaurants host excellent cuisine. The smell of Ceviche and Empanadas of the restaurant is filled the air.

The best beach is sitting at Montezuma's doorstep, Playa Grande (Grande Beach) where many visitors go to relax and chilling in the beautiful surroundings. Some people do also surfing, that is generally good. I passed my afternoons there finding some shade under a tree and the sounds of palm trees rustling in the breeze and waves crashing on shore gently lulled me to sleep.

If you want to trek a bit you can go up and down the coast. There lost in the vegetation you can find tide pools form around rocky outcroppings, and just outside of town, there is a gorgeous 80-foot cascading waterfall with excellent swimming holes and all that just 20 min hike up the Montezuma River.

Montezuma offers many cheap accommodations and hostels.

The most important concept to understand and feel in Costa Rica and especially here in Montezuma is what they mean for “Pura Vida”. To me “Pura Vida” meant Pure Life. Natural, untouched, simple and pure. To explain it in more depth ‘Pura Vida’ can be a greeting, a state of mind, a way of life. You meet someone walking down the street, you say ‘Pura Vida’. You catch the perfect wave while surfing, you say ‘Pura Vida’. You have a wonderful day, you say ‘Pura Vida’. You find a great bar while walking the streets of Montezuma, you say ‘Pura Vida’. It can mean anything but always something good. Anytime something good happens, “Pura Vida” is the appropriate thing to say.

Getting There

Visitors have several options for getting to Montezuma. If you’re on a budget, the public bus is the best choice. You can take the direct bus from San Jose and really enjoyed it because the road view is really nice. Although it is a long trip (around 6 hours), it includes a scenic ride on a ferry.

Montezuma truly feels like paradise at the end of the world, and for a true getaway cannot be beaten as a destination!

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