Nature, Nature and still Nature. Manuel Antonio Park is an explosion of animal, beautiful view and huge plants.  You will lost yourself among the intense Green, tropical plants and the sea.

Little Monkey in the park of Manuel Antonio

Relax, this is the rule in the Manuel Antonio Park, a magic place that includes in a few hectares the richness and beauty of a country such as Costa Rica.

I’m writing this article and in the meanwhile I’m realizing It is difficult to describe with words the feeling of beauty and peace that you breathe while walking in this park. The green of nature, the blue of the sea, the sounds of animals make up a scenography that hardly you will forget.

The park is located in the province of Puntarenas, few km from Quepos, 192 km from San Jose, on the Pacific coast and is internationally recognized as one of the Parks most rich in biodiversity on the planet. With the establishment of Manuel Antonio National Park in 1972, the people of Costa Rica decided to preserve, for future generations, one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse areas in the world. Although it is the country’s smallest national park, the stunning beauty and diversity of wildlife in its 683 hectares is unequaled.

Luxury tropical forests, lagoons, mangrove swamps and white sand beaches mixed in one of the most various ecosystems you can imagine. You will find suspended bridges and lush vegetation, numerous species of animals ever seen: in the park live more than 100 different species of mammals and 184 species of birds.

It is not so simple to see the animals but if you will take your time, observe the vegetation you will discover such beautiful creatures all around the park... but remember be silent, or the animals will stay far from you!


You will walk easily in Manuel Antonio Park because it is crossed by a great system of well-marked hiking trails to allow all different visitors to explore the park in full autonomy.

If you would like to see better the animals at the entrance, you can also pay a guide and He will help you in finding animals with the right stuff.

The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday closure) from 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. The best thing to do is to go there early in the morning and enjoy a full day of sun walking and chilling on the beach. Remember to bring with you food, but there are many rules on this point, so before going inside be sure of that! For example, you cannot introduce nuts because it is bad for the animals inside if they will eat this type of food. For the rubbish, it is necessary to take it with you outside the park.

Manuel Antonio Entrance

Another important point is that to maintain the natural equilibrium of this amazing place it is forbidden the entrance of more 600 people for day. The cost for one day is 16€.

The Parque is not just nature. It hosts four beautiful beaches, among the most beautiful that I could see during my trip in Costa Rica: Espadilla Sur, Manuel Antonio, Playa Escondido and Playita, the beaches are practically deserted and allow you to relax yourself after a day exploring the unspoiled nature.

Little Monkey in the park of Manuel Antonio


I stayed in the small town of Manuel Antonio during my days there. You will find several hideaway hotels and hostels and luxury vacation rentals. In this small town, you can enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies from the “feria” (weekly market), or have a five star meal at many of the restaurants, hire a private chef to cook for you or mix in with the locals and join them eating a “casado”( typical Costa Rican meal) at any of the “sodas”(little local restaurants).

The hostel I stayed, was at the top of a hill and during the sunset, it was so nice pass the time drinking a beer in front of the sea, that you cannot touch, it is far, but I could heard the wave’s movement from there watching the sun going down.

View from the hostel

View from the hostel

View from the hostel

Whether you are a wildlife lover, adventure seeker or you just want to be a beach bum, the array of activities are endless to  help you enjoy your tropical paradise vacation in Manuel Antonio, a perfect place to escape from the normal life!

And always remember: Pura Vida!!!

Little Monkey in the park of Manuel Antonio


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