Peru has different beautiful city and one of the best is Arequipa, a UNESCO World Heritage sights, in the south of the country and a delightful place to explore.

The main characteristic is its stunning colonial architecture, that you will see is based on the famous use of sillar, a white volcanic stone, which let its buildings have a distinctive appearance.

The city is located in the center of 3 volcanoes and the climate is really wonderful all year-round. Let’s see what to visit in Arequipa!

The square and the Basilica Cathedral

One of the main place to visit, where you probably will pass when you arrive in Arequipa is Plaza des Armas, which houses the beautiful Basilica Cathedral.

The square is very nice and always full of locals or tourists. You can enjoy it, passing our time sit in a bench talking with locals or go on a terrace to drink something in one of the wonderfully preserved colonial buildings around, a mate de coca in the afternoon or a Pisco Sour for the evening. In any case, in front or behind you, standing in this stunning central square, you will see the cathedral. It is free to enter, so it is a must do thing in Arequipa.

San Camilo Market Shopping

San Camilo is one of the best markets in Peru, if not the whole of South America. It is also an important city life location that give to the visitors with an authentic experience. In the market you can enjoy samples of local products, including Rocoto Relleno and Soltero de Queso, 2 of the traditional food of Peru and Arequipa.

The Santa Catalina Monastery: a village inside the city

Close to the center, the monastery was built in 1579 and it is an amazing place, unique in his nature. When you go inside you think to be in a small village, separated from the city.  It is a piece of art, a fantastic collection of native artwork, religious objects and artifacts from numerous historical periods.

The cost is 40 Peruvian Sol but the price worth! You will explore the huge amount of tunnels, cloisters and walkways that make up the Santa Catalina monastery. The monastery was open to the public in the 1970. Before that time no external people could enter in it, unless few ones. If you will be there at the right time, you can climb onto the rooftop during the late afternoon to view the incredible sunset spectacle.

The Colca Canyon hiking

The world’s fourth deepest canyon, Colca is a good trek to do from Arequipa. It is about 2 or 3 days. I did 2 days, one going down, and the second going up! It was really nice and I met some guys with whom I pass also other days of my long travel along Per. I will talk about the trekking in another article to let you discover this impressive geographical feature.

Canyon View

Canyon View

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